March | Art & Culture

Zara Holm is Calendar's March artist of the month

Joyful, freeing and celebratory work

Lisa Rahman

Our artist to watch this month is Zahra Holm, a contemporary painter originally from Sweden and Tunisia, currently living and working from Paris.⁠⁠


We asked our Design Director, Lisa Rahman, to share some words on her favorite pieces by the artist: ⁠⁠
“I love the freeing, celebratory nature of Zahra’s work: the abstract shapes and curves in her paintings, inspired by the beauty and strength of the female form, while the rich orange tones fill me with a joyful memory of days blanketed in warm sunshine. With spring officially starting this weekend, looking at Zahra’s work leaves me feeling beams of warmth and blanketed in hope for new, brighter days with all the outdoor exploration that will follow…” ⁠⁠