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Eco skin saviours that don’t cost the earth

BYBI’s planet-friendly products are carbon neutral and packed with stellar ingredients

Anna-Marie Solowij

BYBI (short for By Beauty Insiders) was founded by former ad industry execs Elsie Rutterford and Dominika Minarovic in 2017 on the back of their Clean Beauty Co. blog. With a ‘food for beauty’ purpose on the principle that what’s good enough for the inside has got to be good for the outside, the two segued from kitchen-table cosmetics recipes to full-on product formulation, scooping up a book deal with Penguin along the way.⁠

The ever-evolving brand hasn’t forgotten its founding principles: stellar quality skin benefits that don’t come at a cost to the planet. To this end, BYBI’s internal audit – The Susty Score – grades all steps in the supply chain to determine environmental impact (the brand is currently carbon neutral and has offset all historic carbon emissions since founding, and is aiming for carbon negative status by 2025). Just a few examples of how this is achieved includes ingredients sourced close to home or shipped using low-carbon transport; upcycled ingredients (discarded strawberry seeds live another life as cold pressed seed oil in Strawberry Booster); packaging materials (sugarcane polyethylene) chosen with an eye on their afterlife, so less goes to landfill; and shipping boxes made from grass pulp that uses 80% less energy than paper from wood pulp.⁠



But what about the actual products? Babe Balm, £18, perhaps the brand’s best-known multi-tasking vegan skin saviour, now comes in a Bronze tinted version, £12, for dewy highlighting. Clean Hands, £5.50, (a fast turnaround to meet pandemic demand, plus 3,000 units donated to Beauty Banks for the #HelpingHands campaign), features lavender and green tea to reduce redness and nourish over-sanitised hands. And the trending Bakuchiol Booster, £12, featuring an Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine plant ingredient, a vegan plant-based alternative to retinol (vitamin A) for smoothing and brightening skin.⁠