March | Tata Harper

Discover eco skincare from the Queen of Green

Tata Harper's highly concentrated natural ingredients will perk up tired skin

When it comes to beauty, we want the brands that deliver results – but we’re also more aware than ever at Calendar that what we choose to put on our skin needs to work for the planet, too; Tata Harper does both, beautifully. Having earned the deservedly apt nickname ‘Queen of Green’ with her less-is-more approach, Tata Harper’s philosophy underpins a brand that uses botanicals over synthetics and highly concentrated natural ingredients to deliver maximum results. We particularly love this glow-restoring Resurfacing Serum, £77 (30ml), which contains a cocktail of alpha and beta hydroxy acids to perk up dull, tired-looking skin, readying us for re-entry to the post-lockdown world.