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Turning leftovers into skincare solutions

Upcircle's waste not want not stance covers everything from coffee ground to argan shells

Anna-Marie Solowij

What started back in 2015 with a body scrub made from recycled coffee grounds segued into soaps made from chai spices, then fruit stone powder face masks, has now evolved into a full range of skin and body care products featuring throwaways from the food and other industries.


UpCircle is all about repurposing with purpose, turning leftovers into skincare solutions, for example, the powdered shells of argan nuts, whch turn out to be rich in antioxidant vitamin E, in Face Moisituriser with Argan Powder, 50ml. £18.99; and coffee oil extracted from used grounds in Organic Face Serum with Coffee Oil, 30ml, £14.99. 



Like many conscious beauty brands, responsibility runs through the veins of UpCircle. Packaging is plastic-free, and recyclable, apart from the pumps, which are reusable (select ‘repeat order aluminium cap’ for any pump bottle); vegan ingredients are Cosmos approved; the usual suspects – palm oil, silicones, foaming agents and petrochemicals are omitted from formulations. Upcirclebeauty.com