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There’s a choice of sunscreen for almost every occasion

Anna-Marie Solowij

Sunshine brings out the contrarian in us: we crave the warmth and the feel-good factor but not the burn, the long-term aging effects, nor the dreaded risk of skin cancer. The latest thinking is that we should be protecting our skin against the sun’s rays on a daily basis, year-round, because what derms call photoaging (pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles) develops gradually over time with UV exposure, and only shows up when the damage is done.

There’s a choice of sunscreen for almost every occasion: tinted, radiance enhancing, with skincare benefits, lightweight, makeup-friendly. Be aware that there are environmental concerns around some sunscreen ingredients because these have been found to negatively impact aquatic life and coral reefs. For reassurance, look for a ‘reef-safe’ label.


Always choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen that shields against both UVB (burning) and UVA (ageing) rays.