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Spring Skin

Cleanse winter away with eco-friendly scrubs and natural acids that will bring back the glow

Morgane Nyfeler

As we (finally) emerge from winter and after months of cold weather and indoor living, our skin is in deep need of a spring clean to slough away dead skin cells, remove excess build-up and just leave our complexion glowing – ready to welcome the first rays of summer sunshine. (with the appropriate SPF protection of course ). Face exfoliators are key to a radiant, healthy-looking complexion but should also be selected wisely – look for those with conscious credentials and that are tailored to your skin type to avoid causing more harm than good.


Choose between physical scrubs using tiny grains such as coffee grounds and chemical exfoliators containing acids or for a gentler spruce, fruit enzymes are the way to go . From brightening botanical and cruelty-free creations to nourishing hibiscus and rose-infused formulas, discover our essential exfoliators, all with green credentials , and the Calendar seal of approval, to help you renew your skin responsibly. Time to let it shine!