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Eco-friendly Spring Fragrances

Discover the mood-lifting scents to spritz now

Morgane Nyfeler

As every season heralds in a new mood, the arrival of spring calls for lighter, fresher fragrances to reflect new beginnings and the blossoming of nature around us. Cosy winter perfumes give way to more vibrant, floral and zesty smells, announcing (we hope) sun-filled days and longer, balmier nights. Inspired by the long-awaited warmer weather, we’ve curated the best eco-conscious perfumes to uplift your spring schedule.


From The Nue Co’s stress-relieving, marine-inspired formula to soulful scents crafted with high-perfumery know-how from Le Labo and Bon Parfumeur – wrapped in upcycled packaging or captured in refillable bottles – there’s the perfect perfume out there for every eco-fragrance aficionado.