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Nature-first skincare with icon status

Many ingredients are grown on-site in the company’s gardens

Anna-Marie Solowij

Dr Rudolf Hauschka was originally a chemist founding his own industrial chemical company in the early 20th century. A meeting with Rudolf Steiner, the founder of Weleda, set him on course to explore further the herbal medicines he’d begun to produce, developing in 1929 a process of extracting plant medicines without using alcohol, known as WALA from the aqueous extraction method: warmth, ashes, light, ashes, which is now a worldwide standard in homeopathic medicines.


In 1967, skincare was added to the Dr Hauschka roster, using organic and biodynamically-grown plants manufactured without mineral oils, silicone, PEGs and synthetic preservatives under the endorsement of NATRUE.


The founding principles remain the same today and many of the herbs and plants used in Dr Hauschka products are grown in the company’s garden or produced by global partners.


Stars of the range include:


Cleansing Cream, 50ml, £16. This cult cleanser requires a special application process: the grainy formula softens to a paste when mixed with water. You then press and roll it onto the skin, creating a lifting motion as you remove your fingers. Repeat a few times then rinse. Don’t rub – it’s not an exfoliator.


Quince Day Cream, 30ml, £24. An uncomplicated, fortifying formula with quince wax to help skin retain moisture.


Eye Revive, 5ml, £23.50. These medicinal plant-extract ampoules are a family staple to treat irritation, redness, dry eyes, plane eyes, puffiness and hay fever or allergy symptoms.