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Summer Beauty Editor's Picks

The Calendar Team hand picks the responsibly-made products that will see them through summer

It’s finally summer when natural, barely-there make-up and lighter beauty formulas come out to play. Think sun-kissed bronze, nourishing hair essentials, and of course, SPF. From organic sunscreens to refillable lipsticks and plastic-free soap bars, discover our editor’s picks of the beauty essentials with all the sustainable credentials to master that long awaited summer glow, responsibly.

L: Rosy Lip Enhancer Refill, £41, by Hermès, available from hermes.com R: hop Ultra Repair Range, price upon request, by Montibello, available from montibello.co.uk

“The perfect refillable lipstick with luxury credentials by Hermès in a soft rose shade for balmy summer nights – what’s not to love?!”


Anne-Marie Curtis, Founder and Editor-in-Chief


“The HOP range by the amazing Spanish hair brand Montibello is a summer saviour. I’m not interested in blow-drying my hair in the summer months, I just want great products that restore hair health, so I can comb through and leave my hair in finger waves.  And did I mention, I love the peachy packaging – made with 100 % recycled plastic.”


Sarah Bailey, Associate Editor

L: Exfoliating Seaweed Block, £20, by Haeckels, available from haeckels.co.uk R: Luminous Mineral Skin Tint Broad-Spectrum SPF40 Sunscreen, £40, by Beauty Pie, available from beautypie.com

“Whatever the season, nothing beats the simplicity of a bar of soap. This jumbo version from Haeckels is impregnated with raw, crushed coriander seeds, peppercorns, aloe vera, tea tree and hand harvested seaweed from Margate that gently exfoliates as you scrub and can be cut up into satisfyingly small chunks for ease – which last for ages. It’s green, clean living at its best!”


Catherine Hayward, Editor-at-Large


Beauty Pie‘s new Luminous Mineral Skin Tint is a brilliant mix of SPF40 and tinted moisturiser, so you only need to wear one product instead of two. It is vegan, cruelty-free (as are all their products), free of ocean-damaging chemicals and has recyclable packaging. It is also very moisturising as it contains argan oil and hyaluronic acid.  Chemical sun screens, (the most common) are an ongoing problem for oceans (particularly those containing oxybenzone and octinoxate), and some places, such as Hawaii, have even banned them, so mineral-based SPFs are by far the safest for the environment.”
Susan Ward Davies, Travel Director

L: Water Meadow Super Conditioning Bar, £12.50, by Bertioli, available from bertioli.co.uk C: Expression Wellbeing Parfum, £125, by anatome, available from anatome.co R: Original Organic Sunscreen, £20.99, by Sweet Bee Organics, available from sweetbeeorganics.co.uk

“I can’t get enough of this conditioning bar from Bertioli by Thyme. It’s brilliantly hydrating but it’s also multi-functional (you can use it on both body and hair), saves me from using seemingly endless plastic bottles and it smells incredible thanks to a delicious mix of river mint, eucalyptus and thyme essential oils. I’ll be using it all summer long.”


Emma Sells, Fashion Features Director


“I love this new fragrance from anatome, which takes me back to the sea and feeling that connection with nature. Expression supports mindfulness and breathing, helping me to remember to practice this every time I use it.”


Kerry Flower, Strategy and Partnerships Director


“I’ve been trying to find a non toxic sunscreen that’s better for my skin and the planet, and this one from Sweet Bee Organics is just the best! It’s organic, not too oily, has a subtle smell and lasts forever thanks to the extra large glass jar (which also means less waste and recyclable). I’ll keep using it on my face once summer is over.”


Morgane Nyfeler, Fashion and Beauty Writer