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Kivijarvi Resort Project, Finland

You'll love Finland's stylish, lakeside resort

Susan Ward Davies

Post lockdown, we are either going to be desperate to cram into the nearest pub or club with as many other humans as possible, or very crowd averse. If you’re the latter, you are going to love the Kivijarvi Resort Project, a soon-to-be cluster of stylish, lakeside, eco-cabins in the Suomenselka Region of central Finland. Designed by Helsinki-based Studio Puisto, they are inspired by storage huts (niiaitta) traditionally used by the indigenous Sami people to keep food safe from prowling animals. The prototype, aptly named Niliaitta, is the first of up to 50 forest cabins, which each house a tiny kitchen, shower and bed, with a glass front wall so you can still soak in all that nature from under the duvet. The environment was a key consideration, with sustainable materials (wood, wool insulation) chosen for optimum energy efficiency, and the forest floor under the huts will be restored, so the only footprint is the first step of the staircase and the 60cm column which supports the hut.  Future plans include an elevated café/restaurant and a Nordic spa, a Finnish take on the traditional Japanese onsen, with baths and an open-all-year outdoor pool. We can’t wait…


From £278 a night,

It may seem illogical to fly thousands of miles to stay in an eco-resort, and carbon offsetting doesn’t cancel out the effects of your flights – but it is better than doing nothing. Be aware that carbon offsetting can be a bit of a minefield, and there are some unscrupulous imposters out there. Thoroughly check out a company’s credentials before you donate and choose one that is also straightforward to navigate. We found one of the most user-friendly, and they run several climate projects worldwide in line with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), such as improving cooking stoves to avoid deforestation in Ghana or providing clean water in Uganda. Just enter your departure and destination airports and they will work out how much you need to donate to the project of your choice.