October | Circular Fashion

Upgrade your wardrobe with vintage by delivery

Muna Nageh's new shopping service is the epitome of old meets new

Holly Bullock

When personal shopping and pre-loved fashion collide, the results can be wardrobe revolutionising. Case in point: Circle of Style. Founded by Muna Nageh, the freshly launched platform gives users the opportunity to take part in one of the best lucky dips around. To get started, you’ll take a fashion quiz – infinitely more fun than you’d expect – and a team of stylists, inspired by the work of Bay Garnett, will interpret your aesthetic into a boxful of dreamy pre-owned pieces. Once your selection is delivered, you’ll have seven days to play dress-up, keep whatever makes your heart sing, and pass on anything that isn’t quite right to a more loving home. The best thing? It’s newness without the ‘new’. Plus, shopping is always more enjoyable with an element of surprise, we find.