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A new take on the nerikomi pottery technique

One upside of lockdown life was that many of us got to slow down and explore our ‘crafty’ side. Whether it was learning to crochet or trying our hand at figure drawing, the idea of creative making and reaping the meditative benefits has been something of a revelation. And when Henry Holland, former Creative Director of House of Holland, decided to turn his hand to ceramic-making during lockdown, it led to something far bigger. While exploring ideas at his kitchen table, he stumbled across his own interpretation of the nerikomi pottery technique and the spark of an idea, resulting in his debut collection of table and serveware. Each object is unique, with the varied shades of different earthenware clays, creating Henry’s signature colour combinations and patterns. “It’s a privilege to design beautiful things that people are willing to live with,” says Holland. “To contribute to someone’s personal environment in this way, to be treasured, and to build treasured things, that’s the kind of connection we are all looking for.” We couldn’t agree more, Henry. Available from